Betonlicht Arto verchromt in der Anwendung
Foto: © Manuel Kreuzer


ARTO, a rotatable and swivelling high-performance LED spotlight, provides clever light accentuation with targeted illumination. Over 2000 lumens and an infinitely variable dimmer function ensure soft light distribution and a captivating interplay of accent illumination and gentle ambient light. ARTO appears to sculpturally merge with the Betonlicht form to create a captivating interior design detail.
Good to know
  • Betonlicht is seamlessly cast into the concrete ceiling.
  • Powerful LED spotlight ARTO creates unconventional lighting solutions in conjunction with Betonlicht.
  • Various colour options for the aluminium surfaces ensure that that they seamlessly blend into different environments.
Features and benefits
High-Performance LED Spotlight for Concrete Ceilings and Walls
Easy Installation: Tool-free mounting via bayonet lock
Adjustable Orientation: Rotatable and tiltable for flexible lighting
Beam Angle: 50°
Optical Glass Lens: Provides soft, even light distribution and minimizes glare
Dimmable: Light intensity adjustable from 1% to 100%
Luminous Flux: High-performance LED with up to 2500 lumens
Color Temperature: Available in 2700°K, 3000°K, and 4000°K
Color Rendering: High-quality LED chip with a color rendering index (CRI) of up to > 97
Aluminum Finishes: Available in various standard colors
Optional Features:
Dim to Warm: Adjusts color temperature when dimming
Tunable White: Dynamic adjustment of color temperature

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    The fusion of ARTO and Betonlicht creates spectacular results. The LED spotlight’s optical glass lens ensures soft light distribution while simultaneously providing accent illumination in home and office environments.