FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

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Do the 4 different lighting inserts fit every formwork system?
Yes. After selecting the formwork system (Form A or Form B), you are completely flexible. The 4 lighting inserts fit both formwork systems or luminaire housings. The respective lighting insert can also be exchanged tool-free afterwards, for example, in case of a change in usage.
Is Betonlicht designed only for new construction or does the system also work in existing buildings?
Betonlicht is fundamentally designed only for new construction. For retrofitting into an existing concrete ceiling or wall, please contact us so we can offer you a suitable lighting solution.
Does Betonlicht also work with precast or filigree ceilings?
Yes. The formwork system is equipped with special brackets so that it can be installed in the precast plant. The minimum thickness of the precast ceiling is approximately 6.5 cm.
Where are your products manufactured?
Our products are manufactured with dedication and precision at our production facility in Munich, Germany. We are proud that our luminaires are made in Germany and that our local production allows us to closely monitor the entire manufacturing process to ensure that every product exceeds our customers' expectations.
What are the usual delivery times?
The two formwork systems for the shell construction are available in sufficient quantities from stock. After clarifying all project-relevant data, the delivery time is usually 3-5 days. The different lighting inserts for the fine installation are available in numerous color and surface combinations. Accordingly, each lighting insert is custom-made for you depending on the project and individually surface-treated. For timely delivery, please contact us early.
Can the Betonlicht formwork system be rented, or must it be purchased? Can individual parts be reused?
The formwork system must be purchased. The concrete former and the mounting plate can be reused after cleaning and with an optimized construction site process. It is important to note how long the respective components need to remain in place for ceilings and walls (usually 28 days). After that, the concrete former with the mounting plate can be removed and reused for further construction progress. Please contact us directly to coordinate the multiple use of individual components, especially for larger and multi-story construction projects.